Purdey Spring window display

This month we created a new Spring window display for Purdey’s of Mayfair, using scenic painted backdrops, surface treatments, giant rock props, faux plants and pots, visual merchandising and lots more.


Facebook Summit conference

Facebook recently commissioned Make It to create x10 miniature scenes to be displayed at the California conference 'Summit' where 100's of community leaders from Facebook come together to celebrate the spirt of sharing experiences.This was a great creative project to work on - more pictures of the scenes here 


Christmas with Purdey

Our studio turned into a Christmas elf workshop this year as we prepared for some of the Christmas window roll outs, here is the Swedish style sleigh we made for James Purdey and Sons. We laser cut bespoke snowflakes and added some glitter for ultimate sparkle! 


We worked on an Amazon campaign for Black Friday retail space in Shoreditch,
making a giant chocolate bar complete with gold wrapper, its massive!

Wow! Check it out :) Looks brilliant!! 

Hebe George , designer for Amazon 

John Lewis

Recently we designed, fabricated and installed several in-store props for John Lewis’ new store opening. Hundreds of geometric shapes designed and made above their fridges and freezers, iconic buildings laser cut and sprayed for their travel goods area and an oversized trunk shelving unit prop for their luggage area…

‘it looks really good!’ 

Karen Pugh , VM Concept team @ John Lewis 


Hackett approached us requesting some hand crafted paper shirts for a window display in their Madrid store in Spain. Nice precision job using paper from GF Smith


Anthropologie Retail commissioned Make It to create these Stags for their Spitalifields, Marylebone and Regent Street stores, crafted using foam cast forms, hand dyed canvas and wood dowel to create beautiful display sculptures. 

James Purdey & Sons

James Purdey & Sons asked us to fabricate three sculptures made from natural woodland materials to celebrate the opening of their season. For their six window shop we created a stag, pheasant and grouse. One of the best jobs this year, using eco friendly materials! 

Discovery Channel Shark Week

Artist Philip Colbert asked us to come up with a design to showcase his neo pop fashion pieces at Spitalifields market, in collaboration with Discovery Channel Shark week. Here we have designed and fabricated a Shark Shed ! 

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Justerini and Brooks


Last night we installed our most recent creative project with wine merchant , Justerni and Brooks, creating a hand made paper sculpture vineyard for their shop window display in Mayfair. Visual merchandise design really does help to gain interest and curiosity from the kerb side! 

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London Craft Week

For London Craft week we collaborated with Vivienne Westwood to assist making some bespoke plinths for their exhibition design. The plinths are shaped to match the story of some of their most iconic shoes, such as the 'Elevated Court' in which Naomi Campbell famously fell whilst wearing on the catwalk. 

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Mount Street Printers

Mount Street Printers in Mayfair wanted a fresh way to show case their printed cards and graphic invites, so we came up with the concept of the party popper bursting with printed work.  A classic window display management job, designing, making and delivering right from our studio. 





In case you missed the show... here is what happened!


This picture was taken in 1926, it shows Fernand Leger sitting with his work titled Three Women. (The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley).

This painting, which Leger came to regard as one of the two or three masterpieces of his career, was the starting point that inspired us to create our sustainable and hand-made stall display this year.


Make.it reinterpreted 'Three Women' by creating different layers and by playing with the colours of the material used, transforming this 2D painting into a unique 3D piece. 

The material used to make this sculpture is a specialised recycled plastic sheet, made from ground down yogurt pots and bottle tops making it 100% sustainable plastic sheets. https://www.durat.com/home/




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