Make It have been successfully taking part at the VM Display trade show for four years running. Here are some pictures of the weird and wacky design pieces we have been exhibiting over the years; 



A creative interpretation of Fernand Leger's 'Three Women'. This black and white picture below was taken in 1926, it shows Fernand Leger sitting with his work titled 'Three Women'. (The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley). This painting, which Leger came to regard as one of the two or three masterpieces of his career, was the starting point that inspired us to create our sustainable and hand-made stall display this year. Make -it reinterpreted 'Three Women' by creating different layers and by playing with the colours of the material used, transforming this 2D painting into a unique 3D piece. 

The material used to make this sculpture is a specialised recycled plastic sheet, made from ground down yogurt pots and bottle tops making it 100% sustainable plastic sheets.



For the 2017 VM Display exhibition we decided to make a collection of 'Junkbirds' , birds from old reclaimed tools and objects. Our first sustainable project of the year! 



For the 206 VM & Display show we designed and fabricated a swarm of pencil wasps giving example to how we can develop client briefs into sharp story telling displays, that create a buzz! We specialise in intricate hand made props, paper and poly sculptures, 3d printing, cad design for cnc sculpture, model making, scenic window illustrations and more.